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Kyle Flemmer : Two WikiPoems





Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town


an unreliable narrator, whose descriptions of the town
          twist ending
forces readers to reconsider their point
, or discovery, is the protagonist's sudden
, as part of his discussion of
         drama (to include comedy, tragedy, and the

and political satire use ironic comedy
          its greater purpose is often constructive social criticism,

          either for consensual reform or powerful revolution.

social sciences, including sociology and political science.

a body of knowledge about social order and
Thomas Hobbes
is recognized as the first to
          expounds an influential formulation of social contract theory.

posit that individuals have consented, either explicitly
          theory of consent is historically contrasted to
          include implied consent, express consent, informed consent and

          choice, or similar manner of determining blood alcohol concentration.

wine may speed up alcohol intoxication by helping
          the activity of acetaldehyde, a metabolite of
          the partial oxidation of ethanol by the

          group), and is often abbreviated as EtOH.

acronyms (some pronounceable, some initialism) or grammatical
Times, DMV for Department of Motor Vehicles), but not always
          understood, particularly in the context of driver's license

          is used, for instance in the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic.

does not require a front vehicle registration plate on
          vehicle or trailer for official identification purposes.

trailer park is an area where mobile homes
Bill Clinton
White House political scandals, suggested “Drag
          policies reflected a centrist "Third Way" political philosophy.

various centre to centre-left progressive movements in
          economic development and social organization are vital to
          keep in mind the substitutability of these

          semantic interoperability of types in a hierarchy,
          such as logic, set theory, model theory,

          correct mathematical reasoning or to establish foundations of mathematics.

metamathematical concepts, with an eye to the philosophical
Metamathematical metatheorems about mathematics itself were originally
          a deductive system (axioms and rules of

          related but distinguishable senses: "logical axioms" and "non-logical

in the language; in the case
          where a tautology is a repetitive statement.

logical tautologies like "Boys will be boys"
          where a tautology is a repetitive statement.

Sometimes logical tautologies like "Boys will be
          where a tautology is a repetitive statement.






awarded a Canada Council grant on the strength
          in dance, interdisciplinary art, media arts, music, opera,
          performing arts, musical arts, digital arts, conceptual arts

          of art, a notion that Joseph Kosuth elevated
          enrolled at the Cleveland Institute of Art on a scholarship.

drawing and mapmaking were added to the
          audience. This is the concern of map design.

Next, the cartographers experiment with generalization, symbolization
          to abstract spatial information at a high level
          of geodata, including vector files, raster files, geographic
          image files
with varying dissemination, production, generation, and
          types of image file compression algorithms: lossless and lossy.

Algorithms may take advantage of visual perception and

          The resulting perception is also known as
          the eye; smell is mediated by odor molecules;
          membranes, olfactory glands, olfactory neurons, and nerve fibers

          of fine axons from the olfactory neurons.

in all animals except sponges and placozoa.

exist for the taxon; the scientific name
          set forth in Linnaeus's system in Systema Naturae
          is considered the starting point of zoological nomenclature.

other systems of nomenclature, for example botanical nomenclature. 

which applies to plant cultivars that have
          cultivars produced by breeding and selection or as sports,
          will sexually reproduce and have offspring together.

Human offspring (descendants) are referred to as
          lineage, affinity/affine, consanguinity/cognate and fictive kinship.

nurture kinship, or familiarity via other forms of
          values from anthropologists' own cultures (see ethnocentrism).

cultural identity, such as language, behavior, customs,
          unique among known systems of animal communication in
          visual display of distinctive body parts or

territory for its family or group.

It is distinct from scavenging on dead

carrion, it is also a herbivorous feeding behavior. 

mouth parts and teeth, such as in
Some animals, particularly carnivores and omnivores, also
          muscle, fat and other soft tissues) whether

          tissue connects, surrounds or supports internal organs
          everywhere in the body, including the nervous system.






statement: WikiPoems are inspired by the chance-based work of John Cage and the N+7 technique popularized by the OULIPO as combined with my interest in digital poetry and hypertextual media. To compose them, I began on the Wikipedia page of a popular and/or notorious CanLit novel, located the seventh link on the page, copied out seven of the surrounding words (counting the linked word or phrase as just one), then navigated via the link to a subsequent page. This operation is repeated until the poem feels done. There are several other constraints determining formatting and word choice in effect (hyperlinked words/phrases appear in bold, for instance). My hope is that, in mapping a series of associative connections made possible by hyperlinked encyclopedic texts, these poems emulate the intertextual relationships we as a culture form with and between works considered literature.




Kyle Flemmer [photo credit: Sarah Thomas] is an author, editor, and publisher from Calgary in Treaty 7 territory. He studies digital poetics at the University of Calgary where he is a teaching and research assistant. Kyle founded the Blasted Tree Publishing Co. in 2014 and is a former managing editor of filling Station magazine. His first book, Barcode Poetry, was published by The Blasted Tree in 2021.


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