Sunday, November 1, 2020

Kate Hargreaves : Two poems

Lux model recall

Extreme Steam Venting™.
hot surfaces
handles & knobs
hands, face scalding
(any pressure can be hazardous).
Serious, necessary pressure
may cause a fire or
risk of clogging.

Immerse in
applesauce, pearl barley, or rhubarb.
Do not release outdoors
expose too directly to sunshine or oil splash.
Float down the lock
(extreme caution must be used when moving).

Foam, froth and sputter
hot oil
place hands or face in
hot liquids
before putting on or taking off parts.
Do not immerse persons in juices.
To disconnect:
remove water and rust
Time is not recommended to
reduce physical, sensory, mental capacities.

To delay scalding injury
serious damage (any damage)
hang over the edge
for complete release.

you don’t say

That is to say:        
                     floors sprout hair overnight
                     grout wears down to dust
                     take time to deadhead mums
                     admit they’ll never live
                     plan for obsolescence
                     roll out another crust
                     invest in washing line
                     release static in sleep
                     bleach over concrete
                     seal in that coat
                     tug the roots from their ends
                     start at the baseboards, work up
                     roads are all horizontal
                     release pressure, keep safe
                     paper over the clean out
                     bury heads in dust
                     choke on skin cells
                     pull back from the crowd
                     silence is not unreasonable
                     shake twice to erase
                     everything is returnable
                     set friendships in wax
                     weather seal doors & windows
                     press hands over ears
                     layer shirts & shirts
                     draw circles in tight
                     grow ever smaller
                     lay down in the weeds
                     build fences without gates
                     stack hay bales for cats
                     no need to reach out
                     dig basements: build down
                     fast circles of hands
                     plant boots into soil
                     pull apart like warm bread
                     forget to be asked
                     bundle up trash
                     leave enough space
                     consume your own burden
                     cut ties with ghosts
                     re-write old letters
                     pre-empt/bow out

Kate Hargreaves is a book designer, writer, and academic writing advisor in Windsor, Ontario. Her books include Leak (Book*hug), Jammer Star (Orca), and Talking Derby (Black Moss). She is usually a roller derby skater and amateur cyclist but is currently recovering from a very broken leg. Find her online at 

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