Sunday, September 4, 2022

Jed Munson : Mouse on the keys




On e dgedgedgedgedgedgedgedgedgedgedgedgedgedgedgedgedgedgedgedgedgeedgedgedgedgedgedge
the scaled wall, me ditching

the fungal afternoon
for a pipedream I keep swinging

at with this boomwhacker. The exercise

exploded into a chest’s
 desire               for five rivers’ names as Ol’
Guiltree crabwalked through the outdoor mall again, ninefaces

Aflame in this area

maximum surface to be desired back by.

Targets on benches revolve into a winterscape.

On e
silent Chinaman, Uncle You-Again, floats through the postgame
arena where movement was proven

impossible in Rome.                            I showed them in the ditch off Gammon
an angel’s maw,                                                             

        wheels spinning a perfect homage to wheels.

I point to proven points on a map
and surprise them with the authority of my pinky.

The tenderness of the takeover.




MouseMutt was out there too those days,
in a rented RomeWig too big for him,
tonguing the mantra


But don’t glare, pupils—                           I shout back: it’s time

for commitments, @birdiesir! 

(he’s my barber’s barber,
he admits the RomeWig is scratchy)

     I keep going: beyond tempered adoration for a freckle
once pecked out of the screensaved

Some know this tune without my explanation. Still,

정이라는 것이 있으니까,
I try to win him over
th e dgedgedgedgedgedgedgedgedgedgedgedgedgedgedgedgedgedgedgedgedgeedgedgedgedgedgedge

the scaled wall, my thumbs smearing

the frosting over photos                                                                                                                                                       

                  of that cave of sequence we stopped at
to look like we understood
what we were there for.


Remember how I imported him
the memory

right about then the rain would pour                                                    

                                                                                                                                                                   in the middle of a dormant fountain?


National Wonder

        drenched in the distance
I couldn’t for days see through my love for?

     The infinite need for a hairspace, one

Covered in the fading
tarp of the sky?

     It’s been gone since the livestreamed flames.

Competing for our fancy
funding was the war, tightening its new brass bolo tie,
the wedding,

the second wedding for the white half, which had to be bigger

and better, with fries.

A book of falls with captions, that book flapping
as it falls,
unlike my phone that just clapped against the mixed

into the canyon between the shelf and the wall

one morning
without the chainsaw outside my window,

the pages performing a community
force in the flock of redeyed

taking flight to the conference

at the fountainside, the lifted-off sidewalk
lifting after them, feeling

felt, left, winged, like picking up
a hammer today and circling a schoolyard.

MouseMutt and Guiltree and Uncle You-Again,
setting their flasks aside, team-tackle a pigeon.

I stand back with a pen that exploded on the flight
over and think but don’t write

thoughts that unincorporate





— - 


We wait for orange
to go flipflopping along the river, our mustaches

saying brother, brother,

after the war

we’ll watch, saltbreathed, as Uncle You-Again

throws a stingray back
into the ocean, the promotional

fountain the others feed from, needing something more
tubular to hack.

The surface takes it                                                                

under the darkle
of its wing.

                                                            I see where we go when we blink.





— –


I blink in the dark and think that was pointless. I have

a floating fishbowl in my hands









Jed Munson’s [Photo by Keum-ji Son] first chapbook, Newsflash Under Fire, Over the Shoulder, was published with Ugly Duckling Presse in 2021. Silts appeared with above/ground press in 2022. His work has appeared in Conjunctions, P-QUEUE, Full Stop, and others.

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