Friday, August 28, 2020

Alan Sondheim : Peter Ganick in Memory

Thank you

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Thank you, Peter

k11% Alan Sondheim is a city-based new media artist, musician, writer, and ksh: Alan: not found k12% performer concerned with issues of virtuality, and the stake that the real ksh: performer: not found k13% world has in the virtual. Sondheim is concerned with the examination of ksh: world: not found k14% the virtual and how the body is inhabited. His virtual work is known for ksh: the: not found k15% its highly complex and mobile architectures. He has used altered ksh: its: not found k16% motion-capture technology extensively for examining and creating new ksh: motion-capture: not found k17% lexicons of behavior. His work deals with crisis and inadequacy. ksh: lexicons: not found

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