Friday, September 1, 2023

Brian Ang : Process Note #23 : Totality, Assemblage, Multiplicity

The 'process notes' pieces were originally solicited by Maw Shein Win as addendum to her teaching particular poems and poetry collections for various workshops and classes. These poems and process note by Brian Ang is part of her curriculum for upcoming classes at the University of San Francisco in their MFA Program and for Poetry In Process: Creating Together, A Workshop.




The 2008 economic crisis and global backdrop of struggles by 2011 renewed possibilities for thinking totality, materializing it for apprehension. I wrote The Totality Cantos (Atelos 2022) from the desire to be interested in everything, sampling from discourses of history, philosophy, religion, science, and the humanities, knowledges of what constitute totality. The Totality Cantos is open to the totality of discourses in one hundred cantos of one hundred lines each. Every canto consists of ten sections of ten lines each. includes the complete text, links to buy copies, and a generator that randomizes assemblages of its one thousand sections.

The Totality Cantos introduces assemblage poetics: “Assemblage poetics, constructive verse, writing adequate to apprehending totality” (“Preface: Totality and Method,” The Totality Cantos). I’ve begun elaborating assemblage poetics in an essay, “Assemblage Poetics,” and a collection, Assemblage Sampler, and started ASSEMBLAGE, my new publication to continue constituting assemblage poetics: “Assemblage poetics is concerned with how words and things may connect, how assemblages and practices that articulate them may connect, a collective project for reassembling totality” (“Assemblage Poetics”).

Now that I’ve written The Totality Cantos and initiated assemblage poetics, I’m writing about multiplicities that constitute totality. My current poetic project is A Thousand Records, open to the totality of music in five hundred sections. I began writing it on New Year’s Day 2022. I’ve written two hundred sections and aim to complete it by New Year’s Eve 2024. A Thousand Records commences a series of book-length poems called The Multiplicity Project. From A Thousand Records:


196           Downward sacred bitter identity numbness future longhorns
        Egotist equivalent flashpoint
                Live auxiliary psychedelic landscape bongos
          Enormous ace deadpan shoestring distinction performance news school
  Brutally ethnic-flavored epilogue sale car clothes
      Cursed concerned rioting dinosaur parlor mesa series focus atmosphere soundscapes
              Gospel bait
    Accessed expressive historiographic acumen
Listening history darkness rime spiral opportunity image energy solo

197               Monster making
        Hi-fi snide difficulty twilight trail shadow metamorphosis career clue
      Assured college marine eyeliner trip stones
            Absent fantastic photographs
              Warm mythic people chocolat heartbreakers
Sparse omnibus exclusion river summer bridge critic
                  Precariously vintage yodeling tabletop offset fiddler poetry peaches
  Passing real experimenting sweethearts
          Total upgrading medicolegal polyrhythmic shredder sarcasm snare meme process chicks

198 Contingent dance
                Whining oversexed mature permission partnership finger
          Pontificating life religion record
              Robotic country banquet light ton kick angels
                  Postindustrial crystallized cool meningitis pillar pilgrim persona pleasures
      Spilt mixing self
Normative nudity drive art amnesiac
        Unusual prospective minor meaningful autonomous thrash child member dreams
    Forever split well-made repulsion return kid conflict church labor discourses

199       State-of-the-art sure question palette perch majority multitracking interview
  Late lost quiet enjoyable nice emancipated reuse finale sophomore take
Thug electricity hindsight attitude freedom resource tapes
                  Metal cowboy surveillance
          Rough pitchfork perfectionism bloggers
      Repeatedly homeless eponymous comfortable middle red honor dove ash
    Touched spouse papa success icons
              Demotion departure footing thought tusk girls
            Connection copy

200    Notorious island idea guitar
            Blurred forward chiming choir inspiration gas feet octaves
          Confused laid-back gyro power passage metaphor museum space crowd cutbacks
    Twentieth-century melody rhythm arrangement rain dimensions
        Morning bollocks
                  Archly gigantic sermon shit essence sleeve response project call
      Streetwise amazing aura
              Sinful speed strum love wisdom cloud rumours
                Regurgitation military motel exec clique




Brian Ang wrote The Totality Cantos (Atelos 2022). includes the complete text and a generator that randomizes assemblages of its one thousand sections. Prose: “Assemblage Poetics”; editor: Assemblage Sampler and ASSEMBLAGE; current poetic project: A Thousand Records, open to the totality of music.







Maw Shein Win’s most recent poetry collection is Storage Unit for the Spirit House (Omnidawn) which was nominated for the Northern California Book Award in Poetry, longlisted for the PEN America Open Book Award, and shortlisted for CALIBA’s Golden Poppy Award for Poetry. Win’s previous collections include Invisible Gifts (Manic D Press) and two chapbooks: Ruins of a glittering palace (SPA) and Score and Bone (Nomadic Press). Win’s Process Note Series features poets and their process. She is the inaugural poet laureate of El Cerrito, CA and teaches poetry in the MFA Program at the University of San Francisco. Win often collaborates with visual artists, musicians, and other writers and was recently selected as a 2023 YBCA 100 Honoree. Along with Dawn Angelicca Barcelona and Mary Volmer, she is a co-founder of Maker, Mentor, Muse, a new literary community.


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