Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Winston Lê : Three visual poems



Generating fragmented, yet interdisciplinary postliterate liminal spaces, these visual poems splice together abstract art, typography, asemic writing, and poetic dictation. Amidst the scribed chaos, the subjective reader/viewer hones onto the fragmentalism of redacted writing systems and alphanumerical entanglements to recontextualize mistranslation as a divergent open text to unlock the vastness of neologistic possibility and inquiry through these fractured “errorisms.”



learned errorisms unlock postliterate rosetta stone



revenant letterforms


 shorthand palimpsest notations






Winston Lê is a Vietnamese-Chinese poet and interdisciplinary artist who resides in Langley, BC. His writing has been featured in Sparkling Tongue Press, Ekphrasis Magazine, pagefiftyone, and filing Station. His debut chapbook, translanguaging was shortlisted for the 2018 Broken Pencil Zine Awards. translanguaging is now curated as part of the special collections at Colby College Libraries in Maine.


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