Thursday, May 4, 2023

Vidhu Aggarwal : Brenda

from Report from the Iijima Society, Vol. 1 No. 1





Ode to the Jetstream and her malaise due to climate change

It is indicative of ecological collapse on a global scale—all affecting all.

The eyes are knowing eyes and eyes of storms—the void in the center of a storm. Dislocated eyes. Oculus’ that see reality and are deluded also.



“The seven half-embryos portion out the semen of the world at Vishnu’s command.”
                       The Rig Veda (1.164.36), translated by Wendy Doniger

Shiniest of voids, ringing with fields.
A unitary vigor, tarrying for eons. 

Pluck the tension, and particles ding-dong and disappear.

Some clump and explode,
rainbow into uterine layers, diaphanous

and thickening—tabs

of bursting

Plasma membranes, oceanic feeling circulating
through straying habitats.

Life forms mutate, accumulating cultures. Some survive
the high waters, the freezes,



the anus of inverse allotments, abutting domains
of empire:

(. . . Araby shags Katharina, Prabu shanks birth,
Aaron ghosts haughty, Huck drags folks,
Bill tells stories, Julius sucks ore,
Vassily bots hard, Larry cracks jokes,
Darren bathes guns in power and glory. . .)

Lords of riches,
releasing remote intricate gizmos, repellents,
and horndog fantasies
into the loosening and baying expanses.

Who will embrace all

those odd, incidental creatures
ad infinitum,

as they are going, gone? One bug,
diamond-headed, inky,
with a cinched oblong body, pinched
at each end, with the slightest filament for a tail, and round,
sheer wings.

Lords of dissolution,
you will not be consoled: for being so torn

for missing always
the teeming void, the book of beginnings,

where you decaying at every instant. At every instant,
anything goes: woozy pupae cluster upon splintering genealogies,




spitting out eccentric yantras with jazzy segments and alarming
high-pitched whines. Whatever’s

left of that initial,

irradiated substrate

is on high alert, flashing skirts of squalor,

converting over—in and out of—time

into daughters.







Vidhu Aggarwal’s poetry and multimedia practices engage with world-building, video, and graphic media. Their poetry book, The Trouble with Humpadori (2016), imagines a cosmic mythological space for marginalized transnational subjects. Avatara, a chapbook from Portable @Yo-Yo Labs Press, is situated in a post-apocalyptic gaming world where A.I.s play at being gods. They have published in the Poetry, Boston Review, Black Warrior Review, Aster(ix) Journal, and Leonardo, among other journals. In Daughter Isotope (OS 2021), they engage in a “cloud poetics,” as a way of thinking about personal, collective, and digital archives as a collaborative process with comic artists, dancers, and video artists.



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