Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Sue J. Levon : Two Poems



The Skin of Our Teeth

My youngest brother is being sued by a dentist,
Whose finger he chomped off during a root canal.

My oldest brother is a runaway and last I heard,
He owed five digits to a West Island loan shark.

Our mother’s been diagnosed with dementia, and
I’m sort of glad. My brothers and I are embarrassing.

Our father’s long gone. Made off to PEI with a foreign  
Exchange student. Last I heard, they were unhappy.

You hear it often: family’s the most important thing,
And I don’t disagree, but I don’t exactly agree, either.

My oldest sister – the exception – is doing quite well.
She sells pictures of her feet to perverts on the internet.  

I’d do the same, but our youngest brother chomped off
Two toes on my left foot when we were young children.

I earn O.K. money participating in clinical studies all over.
They put me up in a four-star hotel once, which was nice.





Wintertime in Montreal is O.K. if you love the
Cold a lot and hate yourself a little. A locally
Renowned psychologist observed that the

Number of seasonal affective depression
Diagnoses has been trending downward

This last decade. She said we have global
Warming to thank for that. Regular old

Depression, however, is on the rise, and the
Locally renowned psychologist claims it has

Everything to do with high-speed internet and
Dopamine. I can’t say I agree with her,

Even though I am a depressed internet user. 

My best friend calls me Butterfingers, a wisecrack
About how I can’t seem to hold on to anything
Good. She’s the happiest person I know, though

I don’t know that many people, happy or otherwise.
I eat ice cream in the wintertime for the brain freeze. 

I finally went ahead and bought Blundstones, the
Fawn-coloured ones. They’re comfortable, though
I would not recommend you wear them to bed, no.   





Sue J. Levon writes and resides in Tiohtià:ke/Montreal, Canada. Their work has appeared in Prairie Fire, The Malahat Review, and The Antigonish Review, among others.

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