Sunday, July 2, 2023

Scott Inniss : Two Poems







All Power to the Tent City


Steady, mayoral boys wrest and police side story. Gaunt


down and up portside Olympic picnics. Welfare swagger,

pocket stuffing, insider pawn shops. Partly sunny Fraser Institute fist in a squatter’s face it.

Torn down


west of here there is less food

crowding, dumpster gall, housing market rate. Rat

          a jade treaty knife blade, forage for a cowboy hat.

                     Tucking like babes into container buildings,


people souveniring for habit for years.

          Dump drug free teetotaling. Organic panic, gull,


cloud. Out loud the cruise ships. Entrepreneurs with burly

stacks of seasonal labouring, umbrellas, bland name land escape shapes. Fish

                     a shiny sunset from beachhead aquariums and waveform trees.


Still historical barn town urine and alley shed

slag. Sulphur capping peaks and mountain carcasing

scraps atop an exposition legacy. Jetty gateway to a cloaca sea.

The millwheel of million dollar sawmill shacks.

Gassy Jack night stalks leftover sex work.

          Colonial society smashing on property crockery.





Menudo, Claro (for Gerald Creede)


Get inner clarity. Innuendo to the hedge? Game fillet with sweet brunette. Jewish rights in the offering. Nestled all safe though. Another inch perhaps? This lick.


Moss nursery and get clarity. Innuendo and empty world. Rodriguez told the wire affair. The blistering summer sunset. Pub lunch of one way train.


Context sharpens clarity. Innuendo to the clothes! Maybe therapy would flip you out. Another bunny hat! Loads only the website. Random acts of clarity.


Innuendo to the lot! New dual purpose on the bravery of shining lights! Autograph of the boudoir! Perfume to taste. Cache. Excellent optical clarity.


Innuendo of the stoppage. If included they should receive my visa. Serena going off task and determining quantitatively its quality.


Eternally taking its focus and clarity! Innuendo is prominent. An accelerant is an emotive issue. Incredible vigor and almost civil in a uremic toxin. Click invite all.


Confusion into clarity! Innuendo and empty sea. Never renumber update functions. Their dominion would not ride? Considered that worth again?


Anti-episcopist underbillow. Charcoal at that splash clarity! Innuendo journal will fix nothing. Phoebe recalls her fairest of women. Positive communication is clarity.


Innuendo of the driveway when the matinee is today and yesterday? Another meat cutting machine since both were strange.









Scott Inniss is a recent graduate of the English doctoral program at UBC, writing a thesis on humorous tendentious poetics in the work of contemporary poets like Bruce Andrews, Marie Annharte Baker, and Dorothy Trujillo Lusk. Recent poetry and reviews appear in Some, Antilang, and Canadian Literature.

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