Tuesday, January 3, 2023

kevin mcpherson eckhoff : Three poems







fold triple into the longingly dive-like once moreoverness
move ever liveringly, unfoldingly, ripple-like trip and wince
diversifying evermore rippingly, like-like, loneliness fooled




the night nights cuttingness purely alone and shadely gone
along puerile goons cutely showful, weddish then allfully
cultish belongers nighing prudely in noggy shadowfuls




a chicken feathers gulpishly below the eggness voidly
eagerest bellows avoid a feathing neck, chuckful and plug
voidments feareth checking vaguesque low-blows: filther






kevin mcpherson eckhoff is a multi-disciplinary goofball. His most recent chapbook—I Haven't Written a Poem in a Long Time, But if I Had It Might've Looked Something Like This—is available from broke press and his pretend comedy album, Joke Killer, can be found on Spotify and bandcamp.

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